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A Letter to Charlie

On the eve of my 31st birthday, I want to take a moment to reflect and document the things I think a million times a day but never right down.

To my dearest Charlie,

I can't help but be happy when I think about you and the fact that I get to be your mom. I am in awe of you and the way you make me feel daily. You inspire me to be my best self - to challenge myself to figure out who that is and be confident in every minute and every choice I make. While I'm not perfect and I've had moments of anxiety, most of the time I know that I am awesome and powerful and inspiring to others because that is what I want to be to inspire you. I know I have to be confident because I don't want you to spend one single moment lacking confidence in yourself. I know I have to be kind in every interaction because I want you to live a life of Loving Kindness. I know I have to be honest and always do the right thing because you are and always will be watching and I want you to have incredible integrity. And I have to remember that I have total control over my mindset and on the days when I get anxious or overwhelmed or feel like things just aren't going my way, I can focus on what I'm grateful for, find the right way to be present in that moment, be kind to others, and think about the positive and be happy. So all those things will be second nature for you and you will know that only you can control your mindset and your outlook. Thank you for making me your mom and for literally and figuratively tearing me apart so I could reassemble myself to be confident and calm Cara. Who is a badass, mom, mentor and wife. Who is a happiness scholar, ambassador and activist. And a shero for moms and babies. And making sure that I remember that every day!! I love you with all my heart for always and forever.

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