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Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is a way to... Be Happy - Evidence shows that practicing gratitude has strong ties to long-term happiness. Be Positive - Practicing gratitude can help cultivate a positive way of viewing situations instead of focusing on the negative. Be Mindful - When you take time to live in the moment and recognize what you’re thankful for, you are consciously slowing yourself down and focusing on the present moment. Be Healthy - Taking time for yourself to pause and recognize positivity in your life is a quick and easy way to center your mind and practice good mental health. The Gratitude Challenge! If you can commit to something for 21 days, you are more likely to make it a habit. Build a gratitude habit by practicing gratitude for the next 21 days! Use this journal to record 3 things you are grateful for on a daily basis. It could be a person, an experience, or something as simple as the sunrise... anything that you find yourself grateful for in the moment.

Use the attached booklet to document your gratitude challenge!

Download PDF • 1.10MB

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