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Feedback is Love

I have the opportunity to participate in leadership development programs both as a participant and facilitator which I absolutely love. Today I facilitated a session on giving and receiving feedback. While asking for and giving honest feedback can be uncomfortable there is nothing more useful to help us grow than honest feedback. This is a simple introductory exercise to give and receive feedback.

This can be done one on one or as part of a group.

Start by asking yourself:

What words would I ideally want my co-workers use to describe me?

Write down 3-5 words.

Ask your partner:

What words would you use to describe me?

Have them tell you or write down 3-5 words.

Discuss the words that you both identified and ask yourself:

How different were the words that I wrote down versus the words my partner used to describe me? If they are different, what causes this difference? What can I do about this difference?

I'd love to know about your experience with giving and receiving feedback. Send them to me at

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