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Postpartum Preeclampsia

On Wednesday morning, I read this DONA International article and I’m so grateful I did. Since Monday night I was feeling off - had a headache and just overall felt not myself. I just assumed it was due to the exhaustion - I hadn’t been able to get much sleep because my body would just not relax. Throughout the day I thought back to the article and debated if what I was feeling were the signs it listed, trying to deny that they were because I wanted to be fine. Finally in the evening I made myself take my blood pressure and it was higher than I’ve ever seen it before so I went back to the hospital. My preeclampsia did not resolve with delivery as we thought and I needed to be admitted and treated. After four days in the hospital, a round of magnesium and being put on a blood pressure medication, I am doing better and everything is trending back to normal.

I wanted to share my story because it could have easily not ended this way - I could have done what I know a lot of moms do and just try to push through or focus on the baby or our families and assume we will be ok. Who knows what could have happened had I just let it go - it could resolved on it’s own or I could have had a seizure. But I’m just glad I didn’t take that chance and I don’t want other moms to take that chance either.

Postpartum preeclampsia can affect all moms - even moms who did not have any signs of it in their pregnancy or delivery. So everyone should be aware of the signs! Read this article so you know!

Mamas: take care of yourself first. If you’re a new mom, make sure to take your body seriously and recognize when you don’t feel right and call your provider and get the care you need when you need it.

Everyone else: if you have a mama (especially a new mama) in your life, check on them. Don’t just ask about the baby. Listen to what mama is saying and not saying. Help us recognize when we may be pushing ourselves too hard or we may need something more than we are giving ourselves.

May you be happy, healthy and safe!

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